Rockley Park Owners Association
Site Updated 07/10/2020
Since 1992
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There are many reasons to join.
Here are a few.

Together we make a stronger voice to be heard about issues relating to your enjoyment of coming down to Rockley. Regular meetings are held with Park Management, to express views which have been raised by members. Please note we cannot take up an individual’s problems with them.

Cheaper insurance deals (hopefully) with our alternative broker list.

Association organised events, supplementary to that supplied by Rockley. The entertainments team hope to enhance any regular events by working with Rockley, where possible.

A Source of information. If you need help with anything that Rockley are unable to fix, we may know someone who can, although they are normally pretty good at most things and we now have a list of alternatives.

Access to a wealth of knowledge collated through these pages of interesting places to go, that have been tried by you, available only if you are a member. Share your experiences good or bad.

Also we are hoping to be more interactive. The Membership details updated on a purpose built program and we introduced new Member cards.

During 2010 the Web site was revamped. Possible topics will be a Weekenders section, for events taking place, or arranging meetings. Also a contacts centre for people who are interested in events/sports to get together, e.g. Fishing, Boating, Bowling etc. Please give us your feedback if you wish to see any other content on the site.

Your Input is welcome and sought after to make this work.

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