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On this page we have included some useful tips and links to various suppliers with interesting products (none of which are sponsored, so any problems let us know).

The first tip is to always make sure the Inlet water tap to your caravan is turned off if you are leaving it for more than a day even if you have heating left on. That way if there is a freezing spell and, as happens from time to time, the gas supply stops, if the pipes do freeze and burst, there will only be a limited amount of water that can escape, and the whole of the caravan should not become a swimming pool.

Lag any external pipework, which will reduce any risk of freezing pipes from cold snaps (will not stop water from freezing in the pipes for longer sustained periods).

Remember to use ‘Potable’ Anti Freeze (normally used for chemical toilets in mobile caravans) as this is flushable and will not harm the environment, unlike car Anti Freeze which is an offence to flush down the toilet. The price difference is minimal so there is no excuse and a litre should be able to do 2 toilets and the sink traps of basins, kitchen sinks and the shower trap. Do not forget to put some in the toilet cistern after flushing it to remove the water, as not all the water leaves the unit.

If in doubt, and you don’t want to DIY then it’s no shame to ask the Park to do it, we have all been there before.
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