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One of the first places to start, is to change all existing light bulbs, with Energy saving ones. The amount of bulbs now on offer, will fit most places where you have a normal sized bulb. For even greater savings and brighter light, the new range of LED lights offer greater savings in usage, but are more expensive to buy at present. There are plenty that can also be used with dimmers as well.
For one part of our caravan, we had two 60W Reflector bulbs. These were replaced with two 11W Energy saving Reflector bulbs, saving us 98W per hour, whilst giving us almost the same light output. As these lights are on most nights, that’s quite a saving, just on two bulbs. An LED bulb was used in the lampshade and was brighter than the old bulb but at only 3W.
The Outside light is also another area where this can make a saving. If you leave yours on all night, then invest in a dusk to dawn Energy saving bulb, or just a standard Energy saver, if it’s switched on when you’re out.
One web site to visit for ideas is

If you have Central Heating, then a money saving device, would be to use a programmable thermostat. This device takes the place of the original thermostat, but it normally allows you to control the temperature at 5 different times of the day and at weekends. So at 8 in the morning you could boost the temperature to 23c, then at 11, if the sun is up, set the heating down to 21c.
Then at 5 in the evening boost it back up to 23c again, and of a night time at midnight, set it back down to 19c. This it does automatically, and of course you can overide it at any time to use as a normal thermostat.
If you are not there during the week, you can set lower values for that period, going up to more realistic values at a weekend, when you come down.
Of course, if you have piped gas via a meter, this will be more beneficial to you, but think of the amount of gas saved site wise if we all had one of these thermostats, correctly set.
Under floor insulation can make quite a difference if it’s cold outside. It comes in foil backed bubble wrap but I am told it does make a significant difference, but is not cheap to have installed.

One saving that can be made with some of the older caravans, is to insulate the domestic hot water pipes, from the boiler to the taps. This will save you some money as long as it’s a DIY job, otherwise it could be expensive to install.

Did you know, you can Recycle your Brita Water Filter cartridges at Robert Dyas stores!!!!

Any other tips you may have, please email us.