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Not bought a Caravan Yet! Read On. (Personal Comment)

First of all, most Park Operators are all the same. Contrary to popular opinion, do not be fooled into thinking that some are worse than others. They are expected to make a profit, if they made a loss they wouldn't be there.

Don’t be afraid to try out the things listed, they want to sell you a caravan (Holiday Home) and are willing to take your money. Take your time in deciding which is the best one for you. If you are not 100% sure, walk away, it will probably be there next weekend. We did that on our last one, and we got it right this time around. If it hadn’t been there it probably wasn’t meant for us.

If buying on Finance and Guaranteed lets for the first year, think about what might happen the second year, when you have to start paying out for things that are taken care of this year. We have seen so many people but the first year and sell up the second or third years, with a very reduced sum of money.
Things to bear in mind. All caravans look special and impressive nowadays, but here are my tips to getting it right first time. If you are going to use it out of season, make sure it has central heating and good double glazing and some insulation.
Sit on the seating and think, is the TV in the right place for all people to view. Is the seating comfortable, not just for the 5 minutes you are sat there.
Is there plenty of storage space for all the non descript bits you may have laying around.
Is there space for a TV in the master bedroom and the second bedroom for the kids/grandchildren to watch in the morning. Is there an aerial socket for them.
Is the dining area large enough for all to seat around, with room on the table for you all. Is there enough kitchen workspace (ask the wife this one).
Is the toilet in the bathroom/en-suite in a position where you can sit down (sit on it in the showground, you get some funny looks but if it saves you having a burnt knee because it’s too near the radiator, then it’s better you know now).
Will entering the caravan through the kitchen be a problem for you.
Is the fridge big enough for the beer/wine supply when you have friends down. Does the freezer have adequate space for the ice cream and lollies (for the adults, not the kids). Are there places to hang the wet coats, on one of those English summer days.
If you though it was easy, these are some of the questions you never think of when presented with a vast expanse of new caravan. It can turn into a vast expense, unless you get it near enough right first time.
4 caravans later, we are still learning.

Don’t forget, all the expenses you pay out in the first year, continue in future years, and are not a ‘one off’ payment. Think of it as a long term item (I won’t use the word Investment here), and remember secondhand caravan values go down, not up, unless you are on a Residential park where you buy the land as well.