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Weekend Activities, Suggestions Welcome.
Suggestions for Weekend Activities

It has been suggested by a member that for the Golfers out there, if you are interested in a game of golf on a weekend, please contact us at and we can put you in contact with others who would also like a game. You can also use the Forum, to contact one another without the intervention of the website, on .
If enough interest is shown we could even have a league for the regular players, and maybe even a trophy. Your suggestions would be appreciated.

Proper 10 pin bowling event didn’t have a great response either, but individuals will try and get some smaller groups together. We will notify those interested by email. Any people we haven’t heard from please email us at . This event will be for young & not so young (like me) and anyone who can get there. The lanes have special frames for those who cant throw the ball down, and bumpers in the gulleys so you have the opportunity to hit some of the pins, so there are no excuses for not having a fun few hours out.

Any other suggestions can be put on here or the Forum.